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Lance Decker LL Decker & Associates is an independent consulting practice focused on local governments and nonprofit organizations.  In business for over 25 years, we quietly help our clients find solutions to difficult, people-based challenges. Our methods include traditional organizational development, strategic planning, and multiple-stakeholder mediation. What sets us apart from other consulting firms?

  • First, we listen.  You tell us how you view your situation and the problems you face. We listen, document and confirm your perspective.                        
  • Next, we research.  While we trust your perspective, we realize there are other perspectives that might help to guide you to solutions.
  • Finally, we facilitate.  Any problem can have many solutions.  We’re not satisfied with an answer…we’re looking for the answer: a resolution…the best place where the organization and everyone in the organization can live and prosper. 

The strength of our work is our willingness to customize what we do...to fit what you do.  You will never recieve a “cookie-cutter” approach from us!

Within this website you will find information and suggestions to help you identify and meet your unique challenges. Feel free to browse and use the resources you find.  If you use our material let people know where you found it.


Lance Decker, Founder

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